Redevelopment set to revitalise one of Canberra’s favourite attractions

Media Release

23 May 2018

TODAY, the National Capital Authority (NCA) announced that works had commenced on the redevelopment of the National Capital Exhibition (NCE) at Regatta Point. Works to the site began late last month and doors are expected to reopen in September 2018.


NCA Chief Executive, Ms Sally Barnes, stated that the project would mark the first major overhaul of the renowned exhibition in almost two decades.


“These major works will modernise the exhibition and bring new life to one of Canberra’s most beloved and oldest attractions. The revitalised exhibition will provide a modern and engaging exhibition space to better inform and educate both school students and the public of the history and important role of the National Capital,” said Ms Barnes.


“We’re excited to deliver an entirely re-imagined, unique and contemporary exhibition which we’re hoping will encourage more visitors to start their journey at Regatta Point, providing them with a conceptual and historical context of Canberra before exploring the rest of the city,” said Ms Barnes.


Through the use of interpretive panels, interactive experiences, multimedia, digital and tactile displays, visitors will be taken on a chronological journey exploring the people and events which collectively helped shape the National Capital. Visitors will be able to delve into narratives focused on early Federation, the famous design competition as well as the modern day role of the NCA.


“The new exhibition through its interactive displays, imaginative storytelling and detailed themes will more powerfully tell the Canberra story; a story uniquely told at the NCE and which no other Canberra institution explores in such depth,” said Ms Barnes.


The fit-out will take advantage of the spectacular, panoramic vistas which include cultural institutions and other NCA managed treasures within the National Triangle, including the Captain Cook Memorial Jet, National Carillon and the centrepiece of the National Capital’s landscape setting – Lake Burley Griffin.


“As the custodian of Canberra, the NCA aims to present a modern and exciting exhibition that provides an educative, engaging and immersive experience for visitors and one that truly captures the unique story of Canberra in a fitting space, unique in its storytelling,” said Ms Barnes.


The complete redevelopment is expected to cost an estimated $2.5M. During the works, a temporary exhibition has been established at East Place, Commonwealth Place until the new exhibition is complete.