Carillonist name
Senior Carillonist: Thomas Laue
Recital name
Australia Day Concert 2019
Performance Date
26 Jan 2019 - 12:30 pm to 1:15 pm

Advance Australia Fair – P.D. McCormick

Impromptu on the theme of Waltzing Matilda – improvisation by T. P. Laue

*From Ten Australian Miniatures for Carillon

*Tbilisi - G. Brophy


Baby Baluga – Raffi. C. – arr. T.P. Laue

*Lyrical Waltz for Bells – E. Kats-Chernin

Kookaburra Sits on the Old Gum Tree – M. Sinclair – arr. T. P. Laue

*As Wild As All Get Out – C. Sainsbury


Theme and Variations on the Wombat Stew Song – improvisation by T.P. Laue

*Drilbu-Ghanta: The Seven Metals – L. Sitsky

Für Alina – A. Pärt – arr. T.P. Laue

Alpha Crucis - T. P. Laue

Inspired by the ‘lowest’ star in the Southern Cross.


Heal the World (1991) – M. Jackson – arr. T.P. Laue