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Carillonist Thomas Laue
Carillonist name: 
Senior Carillonist: Thomas Laue
Recital name: 
Second Waltz – Featuring Compositions by ANU Students and Staff
Performance Date: 
12 Aug 2018 -
12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

Memorial Chimes (from the Collection of Clifford Ball) – E. Elgar

Gifts from Students at the ANU - Some Compositions Include Electronic Backing

  • Carillusion – D. Poole
  • Life in Fiction – P. Haesler
  • Carillon City – B. Harb
  • Illuminate – B. Smith
  • Draconian News – J. Buchli
  • ‘Untitled’ – B. Drury

Contemporary Works

Our Time : Me Too – P. Ruiter-Feenstra

A composition inspired by the "Me Too" movement

As Wild ‘As All Get Out’ – C. Sainsbury

Commissioned in 2016 by the National Capital Authority for the Australian Miniatures Carillon album.

Though Poppies Grow – T.P. Laue

Commissioned and premiered in 2014 as part of commemorations at the Centenary of WWI.

Fantasia No. 22: Casting the Great Bell (Prelude & Aria) – L. Sitsky

Written for Thomas Laue and inspired by the ancient Chinese mythology of two lovers who are cast together for eternity inside a great bell.

Closing Work

Lake Music – T. Vaughan

Written for the opening of the National Carillon Canberra April 1970.