Carillonist name: 
Carillonist: Harrison Whalan
Recital name: 
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Performance Date: 
20 May 2018 -
12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

Fast and Fun (for Me at Least)

Ode Pour Le Carillion – S. Joris

Second Prelude – T. Rusterholz

Bellbook ll No.3 – P. Vermeersch

Let the Bells Sing

Von fremdem Landern und Menschen – R. Schumann – arr. K.Van Assche

Whimsy – R. Barnes

Mushroom Chimneys – J. Courter

A Classical Touch

Remembrances of J.S Bach – W. Creman

La Cloche Sonne – F. Liszt – arr. L. Fuller

Another Arrangement of Mine

Luke and Leia – J. Williams – arr. H. Whalan