Carillonist name
Senior Carillonist: Thomas Laue with Tobias Cole (Director) and Lyneham High School Voices
Recital name
International Mother Language Day Concert
Performance Date
24 Feb 2019 - 11:00 am to 12:00 pm

International Mother Language Day Concert

A concert coinciding with UNESCO and UN-recognised International Mother Language Day, with events organised for Sunday 24 February by the local International Mother Language Movement committee. The concert features carillon and voices, and ensemble performance.  The Mother Language Song, learnt by children all over Bangladesh and whose lyrics refer to the deaths of student protestors in 1952 that ignited an international movement, is a strong symbol of the struggle worldwide for the preservation of human languages, especially endangered ones. Two works by prominent local indigenous composers will be performed in Aboriginal languages from NSW. This concert occurs in 2019, which the United Nations has declared The Year of Indigenous Languages.

Bells and Lyneham High Voices

Mother Language Song (Sung in English) – Bangladeshi Folksong

Juljul (Jumping Ant) sung in Dharug/Eora (Sydney Aboriginal language) – C. Sainsbury


Jul-jul: jumping ant

Dana: foot

Murra: hand

Werowey: girl

Wongera: boy

Galaa (Summer), (Sung in Dhurga, Indigenous Language of the South Coast of NSW) – B. Gifford


Galaa: summer

Bagaranji: sun

Mura: fish

Dhangar: veggies

Heading North

Arrangements by J. Haazen

The Waves on the Lake Hong Hu (in China) – B.H. Zhu, J.A. Zhang, Q.S. Ouyang

Sakura – Japanese Folksong

Volga Boat Song – Russian Folksong

Westerly Winds

Londonderry Air – Irish Folksong – arr. S.S. Warner

Dagen viger og går bort (Evening Song) – Traditional Song from Denmark – arr. L’t Hart

Parlando – Hungarian Song (#79 from the Century Collection) – L. Sitsky

El Cant dels Ocells (The Song of the Birds) – Traditional Catalonian – arr. F. Crepin


Galaa (Summer) – B. Gifford

Juljul (Jumping Ant) – C. Sainsbury

Mother Language Song – Bangladeshi Folksong