Carillonist name
A Whimsy for Autumn
Recital name
Carillonist: Anna Wong
Performance Date
28 Apr 2019 - 12:30 pm to 1:15 pm

A Whimsy for Autumn

A Prelude

Prelude and Fugue for Carillon – A. Gerken

Campanella Pour Carillon – G. Clement

Prelude from Suite I for Unaccompanied Cello – J.S. Bach – arr. A. Gerken

Romantic Interlude

Romanca d’Espagna – A. Cano – arr. H. Hielscher

A Whimsy – R. Barnes

On the San Antonio River – R. Byrnes

Whistle Along

True Love – C. Porter – arr. P. Langberg

Beauty and the Beast – H. Ashman & A. Menken – arr. A-K. Christiansen

Waltzing Matilda – C. Macpherson – arr. A. Wong

Moon River – H. Mancini – arr. A. Wong