Carillonist name
Carillonist: Eddy Mariën - City Carillonneur Mechelen (Belgium)
Recital name
From Belgium with Style
Performance Date
5 May 2019 - 12:30 pm to 1:15 pm


Prelude in D minor – J. Denyn


Intimité (étude opus 10 no. 3) – F. Chopin – arr. J. Rottiers

Love Theme (from ‘The Godfather’) – N. Rota – arr. J. Lerinckx

My Own Carillon Compositions


Ode to Constância

American Composers

Summertime – G. Gershwin

I Feel Pretty – L. Bernstein

From Eastern to Western Europe

Gliding Dance of the Maidens – A. Borodin – arr. Jo Haazen

Londonderry Air - Folksong - arr. S. Warner

Romantic Mechelen Carillon Music

Fantasia on Ite missa est of Easter – P. van den Broek

Ballade – J. Rottiers