Carillonist name
Carillonist: Peter Bray
Recital name
Tuesdays with Peter
Performance Date
21 May 2019 - 12:30 pm to 1:15 pm

Queen Fabiola Carillon Competition Performance

Join Peter on Tuesdays as he prepares his programme for the Queen Fabiola Carillon Competition to be held in Mechelen, Belgium in July 2019.

The Queen Fabiola Competition is a prestigious competition held every 5 years.

Entrants from around the world, present a programme of a high standard of varied works for carillon.  Each entrant also plays with other instrumentalists and all learn a set piece especially composed for the competition.  This year the composition is by Geert D’hollander. 

In each Tuesday programme, Peter will present some of the works listed below.  Peter will announce each work as he performs it.

Join with us in wishing Peter well and Peter thanks the NCA for giving him this opportunity to prepare for the Queen Fabiola Competition.


Preludio No. 4 – Matthias Vanden Gheyn

Sonata Hob XVI No 4 in D major – Josef Haydn

Prelude - Coucou – Matthias Vanden Gheyn

Sonata in E – Friedrich II der Grosse

Improptu in F – Leon Henry

Preludium Quasi Una Fantasia – Jef van Hoof

Bell Moods Suite – Jef Rottiers

Turn in Turn(h)out – Geert D'hollander

Brouillard – Stefano Colletti

Luminos – Bradley Kunda