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Carillonist name: 
Senior Carillonist: Astrid Bowler
Recital name: 
Celebrating Spring
Performance Date: 
10 Oct 2018 -
12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

Preludio “Cou Cou” – M. van den Gheyn

Sheep May Safely Graze (from Cantata 208) – J.S. Bach – arr. T. Rusterholz

The Last Spring – E. Grieg – arr. A. Bowler

Some Lieder

Faith in Spring – F. Schubert – arr. A. Bowler

Spring Night – R. Schumann – arr. A. Bowler

Some Folksongs

O You Beautiful Swallow – French-Canadian – arr. E. Allard

Wenn der Frühling kommt - German – arr. A. Bowler

Butterfly You are Fickle – French-Canadian – arr. A. Bowler

Some Love Songs

Plaisir d’Amour – J.P. Martini – arr. A. Bowler

If You Were the Only Girl in the World – N.D. AyerA. Bowler

Hymn to Love - M. Monnot – arr. A. Bowler

Campanella – G. Clément