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Carillonist name: 
Senior Carillonist: Astrid Bowler
Recital name: 
A Musical Bouquet for Floriade
Performance Date: 
19 Sep 2018 -
12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

Three Movements (from ‘Petit Suite’) - L‘t Hart

The First Primrose – E. Grieg – arr. A. Bowler

To a Wild Rose – E. MacDowell – arr. A. Bowler

A Rosebud by My Early Walk – Scottish Folksong – arr. R. Barnes

Mighty Lak a Rose – E. Nevin – arr. A. Bowler

Notule No.1 – E. Allard

The Flower Duet (from ‘Lakmé’) – L. Delibes – arr. A. Bowler

The Flower Song (from ‘Carmen’) – G. Bizet – arr. A. Bowler

The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring (from ‘The Mikado’) – A. Sullivan – arr. A. Bowler

The Graceful, Swaying Wattle – F. Bridge – arr. A. Bowler

Within My Father’s Garden – French Folksong – arr. A. Bowler

Linden Lea – R. Vaughan Williams – arr. A. Bowler

Prelude No.6 in G Minor – M. van den Gheyn