Carillonist name: 
Lead Carillonist: Lyn Fuller and Student Carillonist: Vikki Jacobsen
Recital name: 
Wednesday with Lyn & Vikki
Performance Date: 
3 Oct 2018 -
12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

A Speedy Prelude

Arrival – M. Hindson

An Interlude with Carillon Student Vikki Jacobsen

Prelude in D Minor BWV999 – J.S. Bach – arr. L. Fuller

Charade – H. Mancini – arr. K. Van Assche

Mushroom Chimneys – J. Courter

Second Prelude (from Three Preludes for Carillon) – T. Rusterholz

Lyn Plays

A Bit of Vertigo

Children’s Song No.1 – A.A. Corea – arr. A-K. Christiansen

Witches’ Wake – L. Fuller

An Ear Catching Finale

Utrechts jolijt uit (from Suite voor carillon) – J. Wagenaar

Ritmendanse – S. Nees – arr. for Duo L. Fuller