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Carillonist name: 
Lead Carillonist: Lyn Fuller
Recital name: 
Online with the Carillon
Performance Date: 
31 Oct 2018 -
12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

Children’s Song No.1 – “Chick” Corea - arr. A-K. Christiansen

Double Oxford Peal – English Change Ringing

From Guitar to Carillon

Diurnal – C. Ogden – arr. L. Fuller

From Holland to Australia in Top Form

Toccatina – W. Créman Holland

Witches’ Wake – L. Fuller Australia

A Foot Tapping Finale

Delilah – L. Reed & B. Mason – arr. L. Fuller

If – D. Gates – arr. G. White

Charade – H. Mancini – arr. K. Van Assche

The Addams Family – V. Mizzy – arr. L. Fuller