Carillonist image
Carillonist Thomas Laue
Carillonist name
Carillonist Thomas Laue
Recital name
The People
Performance Date
7 Aug 2019 - 12:30 pm to 1:15 pm


Preludium quasi una fantasia – J. van Hoof

The people sing
Volga Boat Song – Russian folksong – arr. J. Haazen
Do You Hear the People Sing – C-M. Schonberg – arr. T P. Laue
Kamarinskaya – Russian folksong – arr. J. Haazen
Vocalise – S. Rachmaninoff – arr. J. Haazen

Selections from the Australian Miniatures for Carillon (2017)
As Wild As All Get Out – C. Sainsbury
Lin-lan-lone – A. Ford
Tbilisi – G. Brophy
Lyrical Waltz for Bells – E. Kats-Chernin

The People Flourish – G. D’hollander

Look at all the …
Eleanor Rigby – J. Lennon & P. McCartney – arr. T.P. Laue