In accordance with Senate Order No 10, the NCA’s list of files does not include:

  • files transferred to the National Archives of Australia
  • files essentially related the internal administration of the NCA (staff or personnel, accounts, training, or general administrative matters), and
  • case related files (for example personal representation or dealing with the personal affairs of departmental or agency client).

In addition, the NCA’s lists do not include files whose titles would disclose the deliberations of Cabinet.

Information which would disclose commercially confidential, identifiably personal, or any security classified information which is disclosed in or which could reasonably be established from a file title has been removed from file titles. Words deleted have been replaced with asterisks (ie ***).

Please note: requests for access to National Capital Authority information, including details of any of the files listed in Senate Order 10 will be considered in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 1982.

Further information can be found on the Parliament of Australia website.