The National Capital has many public places where people can exercise their right to communicate their opinions and ideas through peaceful protests and demonstrations.

Our democracy recognises this right which is subject to the general law and must be balanced against the rights and interests of others and of the community as a whole. Of paramount importance are the protection of public safety, the maintenance of peace and the facilitation of fair and equal access to public areas.

This information booklet has been prepared by the Federal Government to assist organisers to carry out their protests safely, peacefully and without unduly impacting on other legitimate interests.

If you are planning a protest or are uncertain about your rights or obligations when using public land in the National Capital, please contact:

  • the National Capital Authority (02) 6271 2888 or e-mail
  • Australian Federal Police: Demonstration Liaison Team on (02) 6131 6310 or after hours, Police Communications on (02) 6256 7777
  • the Security Controller, Parliament House, (02) 6277 5855 or after hours (02) 6277 5999
  • Further assistance is also available from the agencies listed

Map 1 - National Land

The Central National Area map include the Parliamentary Zone, Lake Burley Griffin, areas around Yarralumla (Diplomatic Estate).

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