The National Capital Authority (NCA) welcomes commercial filming within Canberra's National Triangle. The open areas within the National Triangle are referred to as Unleased National Land and are regulated by the NCA.

Authorisation to film on Unleased National Land and to erect production-related works must be approved by the NCA.

Unleased National Land

Unleased National Land venues controlled by the NCA are as follows:

The National Triangle is the area bounded by Commonwealth Avenue (to the west) and Kings Avenue (to the east), and Parliament House (to the south) and the Lake (to the north). The venues within the Zone are as follows:

National institutions within the National Triangle are as follows:

Commonwealth Place

No vehicles are to be driven into and/or parked in the Commonwealth Place Cup Square, and/or the walkway connecting the Cup Square with the Place's upper levels.

National Circle Tunnel

No filming and/or production-related equipment is permitted within National Circle (including the Tunnel) during weekday peak-hour periods (ie. 7.00am - 9.30am and 4.00pm - 6.00pm).

Parliament House

Parliament House and its immediate surrounds, the Parliamentary Precincts, are controlled by Parliament House. Filming requests are to be directed to the House's Facilities Manager on (02) 6277 5226.

Reconciliation Place

Under no circumstances are any vehicles, equipment and/or works to be positioned on the Mound in Reconciliation Place.

Road Closures

Any required road closures must, by law, be advertised to the public at least seven days prior to the closure taking place. Closures are to be managed by a temporary traffic management plan, which identifies what roads and/or areas of roads, need to be closed and the appropriate detours, signage and marshals required to control and maintain the flow of traffic.

Regardless of the size of the closure, production companies are required to contact and liaise with both Roads ACT (02) 6207 6601 and the Australian Federal Police's Major Event Planning Unit (02) 6287 0219 at least four (4) weeks prior to the commencement of filming.

It is the responsibility of the relevant production company to liaise with any institution or business that may be affected by a road closure. The company is to supply the NCA with a letter from the relevant institution, or business (prior to the commencement of filming) stating its acceptance of the closure.

Filming within the National Institutions

The NCA has no authorisation over any filming conducted inside the buildings of National Institutions that are situated on National Land.


Filming-related temporary structures (works) may be erected on Unleased National Land; however, any such structures require the prior approval, in writing, of the NCA. Structures (works) include film sets, marquees, tents, cabins, trailers, vans, sun-shelters, camera tracks, fencing, barricades, signs, port-a-loos, etc. A works approval application attracts an administration fee.

Application Process

Production companies wishing to film on Unleased National Land are to submit the following documentation to the NCA:

  • an Event Permit Application Form
  • a copy of the company's current public liability insurance's certificate of currency (to the amount of $20,000,000 (twenty million dollars)
  • a map detailing the location of all the relevant works (if applicable)
  • letter/s of acknowledgement and acceptance of the filming from the relevant National institution/s (if applicable)
  • a risk management plan (if applicable)
  • a bond (if applicable)
  • a copy of the Roads ACT's temporary traffic management plan (if applicable)
  • any other relevant documentation, as requested by the NCA

Registering to use Unleased National Land Venue

All applications for the use of Unleased National Land venues are to be made through the NCA's Events Coordinator on (02) 6272 2901.


Please contact NCA Events at for a tailored quote for your activity.


Should the production require the discharging of any firearms (including the firing of blank ammunition) a risk management plan, addressing the risk, is to be supplied to the NCA, and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) is to be informed of the matter.

The Captain Cook Memorial Jet and the Federation Centenary Fountains

The operating timings for the Captain Cook Memorial Jet (situated in Lake Burley Griffin's Central Basin - off Regatta Point) are between 2.00pm - 4.00pm daily. 

The Federation Centenary Fountains, situated to the north of Old Parliament House, at the North Lawns, are currently not operational.


Most of the venues on Unleased National Land have electrical power outlets. Generally, there is no fee charged for the use of these utilities; however, a setting-up/connection fee is charged for the use of the outlets in the southern (upper) section of Federation Mall.


For any production where there is a possibility of damage to the relevant area, production companies may be required to place a bond with the NCA to cover the cost of any relevant production-related refurbishment.

Vehicle Parking

With the exception of the following, all vehicles are to be parked in the relevant area's designated car parks: Parking fees apply where applicable.

  • Essential Filming Vehicles (vehicles carrying equipment and/or facilities required by the cast and crew to carry-out the filming; this includes vehicles for catering, costumes, make-up, lighting and/or additional props)
  • Essential Vehicles (vehicles that need to be in close proximity to the filming location, eg. generator, props and shuttle vehicles, etc)
  • On-Set Vehicles (vehicles used on-camera as a part of a filming sequence)