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Pay parking applies to around 9000 car spaces in Parkes, Barton, Acton and the Russell precinct. It is consistent with parking arrangements at other employment centres in Canberra.

Where does pay parking operate?

Pay parking applies to car parks on National Land in Parkes, Barton, Acton and the Russell Precinct. The NCA has detailed maps showing the locations of these parking areas. 

What are the rates of payment for pay parking?

Pay parking is charged at $3.40 per hour and $15.50 per day or $75.00 for a five day ticket. Credit card machines can issue five day pre-paid tickets, usable for five consecutive days (not including weekends or public holidays) for $75.00. For example a ticket purchased on a Wednesday will be valid for use for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Monday and Tuesday of the following week. A new ticket would need to be purchased for the following Wednesday. The NCA attempts to maintain pricing consistency with other ACT parking areas. 

How do I pay for parking?

After parking your vehicle, check the applicable signs and locate the designated parking machine for the area. Follow the instructions on the machine to purchase a ticket, you must enter your correct licence plate details for the ticket to be valid and display the ticket face up on your dashboard. Parking machines on National Land accept credit cards. At least one machine in each car park also accepts coins for payment. 

The onus is on you as the driver to purchase and display a parking ticket as soon as you park your vehicle. A ticket is not valid unless displayed face up on the dashboard, with the expiry time and all other inscriptions visible to a parking officer from outside of the vehicle. Check this before leaving your vehicle. 

You can also pay for your parking over the EasyPark App, available for iOS and Android.

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Do I need to enter in my licence plate number?

When purchasing a ticket you must enter your licence plate number for the ticket to be valid. If you do not enter the licence plate number or incorrectly enter it you risk being infringed for parking without a valid ticket. All information is stored in line with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)

What if I incorrectly enter my licence plate number?

If you enter the incorrect number you risk being infringed, the ticket is not valid if the details displayed on the ticket do not match your registration details. If you have entered the wrong details contact Care Park immediately on 1800 718 190. 

Are long term pre-paid tickets be available?

Five day pre-paid tickets (working days) are available for purchase at the parking ticket machines and not over the EasyPark App.

Where are the long stay car parks and where are the short stay car parks?

In general, short stay car parks are located near national institutions and in small areas adjacent to office buildings. The majority of car parks adjacent to office buildings are long stay parking. The NCA website outlines detailed maps showing short stay and long stay car parks and parking machine locations.

You may purchase a short stay ticket in a long stay car park by reducing the purchase amount. All day tickets can be used at the other NCA all day car parks on National Land, but not between ACT and NCA managed car parks. You cannot use all day tickets in short stay car parks on National Land.

Do I need to purchase a new ticket if I move my car?

Parking tickets purchased on National Land are able to be used in other car parks on National Land, provided that the restrictions in the alternate car park are the same. This means you may move your vehicle between long stay car parks and use the same ticket.  You may also use your short stay tickets in any car park on National Land, but you cannot use all day tickets in short stay car parks.

To assist motorists in identifying long and short stay tickets, they have a different colour identification stripe on them. Long stay tickets have a green stripe and short stay tickets have a purple stripe.

If you have paid for your parking over the EasyPark App and entered the parking lot number you can still move your vehicle to other NCA car parks with the same conditions. 

Are National Land parking vouchers valid at ACT Government car parks?

No, the NCA only operates the parking on National Land. NCA parking tickets are not valid at ACT Government car parks or other privately operated car parks. If you want to know who operates a particular parking area, the parking machines clearly outline the managing body for that particular parking area.

Do visitors to the National Institutions need to pay for parking?

Yes. Parking adjacent to the National Institutions will be charged at the applicable rate.

I have a motorcycle – where can I park?

Dedicated motorcycle parking areas are provided in many car parks on National Land. Motorcycle users can park for free in designated motorcycle parking areas on National Land. The NCA website details maps showing motorcycle parking spaces. Motorcycle users can also park in the same manner as other vehicles. This requires complying with the parking regulations at all times including payment for parking if not parked in a dedicated motorcycle parking area.

I have a coach/bus where can I park?

Dedicated Coach and Bus parking is available on National Land at the following locations: Questacon, Federation Mall, Regatta Point, Old Parliament House (Museum of Australian Democracy), National Museum, Parliament House. There is no cost to park buses and coaches in these locations.

I have a mobility parking permit, what are the rules for parking on National Land?

Dedicated permit areas are provided in most parking areas on National Land. Permits must be clearly displayed to ensure an infringement is not issued.

Mobility permit holders are not required to pay to park, and can park for an unlimited time in a parking area that is normally restricted to 30 minutes or greater. Where the normal time restriction is less than 30 minutes, mobility pass holders may park for a maximum of two hours. Holders of mobility permits should check the signage of the areas they are parking in as restrictions may vary though out the day. These rules are the same that apply for mobility parking permit holders throughout the rest of the ACT. This website has detailed maps showing permit zones for mobility permit holders.

Who enforces pay parking on National Land?

The Australian Government enforces parking on National Land.

How do I report illegal parking?

To report illegal parking on National Land, please contact the NCA on (02) 6271 2888 or via email at To report illegal parking in other areas, please contact the relevant parking authority, contact details for which will be available on parking machines in the area.

I have parked in a time restricted parking area. What are the rules?

You are required to move your vehicle before the expiration of the posted time limit. Under the ACT road rules as they apply to National Land simply moving your vehicle to another space close to your original parking space is not enough to comply with the rule. To comply with the rule, the vehicle must move to another area or length of road as defined in the rule. The Australian Road Rules are available for viewing here.

What are the parking procedures during events?

Parking accessibility may be affected by events, please check the event details to determine any changes in place. 

Attendees should be aware that they have to follow the normal parking rules to avoid receiving a parking infringement. The NCA enforces parking regulations for the duration of events, targeting offences related to the safety of patrons.

Attendees to any event should also be aware that it is an offence to park a vehicle on an open space in the area where your event is being held. This includes any area that is not designated for the movement or parking of motor vehicles, such as grassed areas, footpaths and landscaped areas.

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