Approval Date
5 December 2017

On 5 December 2017, the Minister for Local Government and Territories, the Hon. Darren Chester MP, approved National Capital Plan Amendment 88. The Amendment 88 took effect on 5 December 2017. Further information is available by emailing

The National Capital Plan is amended by the following:

Section 4.4.5, Location Specific

  1. Delete section titled ‘Land use for York Park area’ and replace with:

Development and redevelopment should accord with the detailed conditions of planning, design and development below.

Permitted land uses for the York Park area generally are:

  • Diplomatic Mission (with the exception of Blocks 3 and 15 Section 22 Barton)
  • National Capital Use
  • Office (which may include Commonwealth offices and offices for national associations)
  • Open Space.

Permitted ancillary uses are:

  • Retail
  • Personal Service Establishment
  • Child Care Centre.

Additional permitted land uses for Blocks 3 and 15 Section 22 Barton are:

  • Commercial Accommodation (not including a caravan park/camping ground)
  • Residential.

Additional permitted ancillary land uses for Blocks 3 and 15 Section 22 Barton are:

  • Café
  • Restaurant.

Commercial parking structures in the York Park area are to be located where identified on the Indicative Development Plan at Figure 17. Retail and Personal Service Establishments are permitted at the ground level of parking structures as ancillary small scale facilities.

Retail and Personal Service Establishments should be provided at the ground floor level of Offices and structured Car Parks in the location identified for a ‘Retail Plaza’ on the Indicative Development Plans at Figure 17 and Figure 20.

Large spaces for recreation are to be provided at either end of Windsor Walk including a large space suitable for active recreation at the Canberra Avenue end of Windsor Walk as depicted in Figure 17.

Figure 17: York Park Masterplan – Indicative development plan

  1. Delete Figure 17 and replace with:

Proposed Figure 17 - York Park Master Plan as Part of Draft Amendment 88

Section 4.4.5, Other sites

  1. Delete section titled ‘Block 3 Section 22 Barton’.