The Authority of the National Capital Authority reaffirms its strong commitment to engage with the community, as part of its decision making. The Authority recognises that inclusion and engagement, particularly at the early and formative stages of projects and proposals, are vital to building and maintaining community trust.

In 2014, the National Capital Authority undertook a review of its protocols and practices with the aim of meeting the expectations from the community in how it engaged with them, while balancing available resources in delivering the NCA’s priorities. The review enabled the NCA to explore best practice in engaging with stakeholders and interested parties when undertaking public consultation. The improved revision of its consultation protocol, Commitment to Community Engagement (August 2015) now encompasses:

  • the adoption of the International Association for Public Participation (iap2) model of best practice of engaging with the community;
  • undertaking joint consultations with ACT Government agencies where appropriate;
  • consolidating the protocols for assessing development applications;
  • additional commitments on consultation for major works within the areas of national importance; and
  • improvements to the language, formatting and structure of the document.

The NCA’s Commitment to Community Engagement serves five key purposes:

  • express the NCA’s commitment to better connections with the people of Canberra and the nation
  • provide an action plan for community engagement programs and activities
  • formalise consultation requirements
  • outline the NCA Service Charter for planning and development approvals, and
  • provide feedback and complaint handling procedures.

As part of the ongoing commitment to engage with the public, the NCA invites interested parties to register their or their group’s details at the link below, so that they can be advised directly about projects and proposals which may be of interest.

Click here to become a Key Stakeholder

Engagement with key stakeholders does not replace public consultation, but offers an efficient mechanism for seeking a broad range of views on a particular topic.

Key stakeholders should be aware that the name of the group and the groups 'area of interest' will be published on the website. Contact details of individuals associated with stakeholders will not be published on the NCA website, but will be used by the NCA in the course of communication with those groups. Contact details of individuals associated with stakeholder groups will also be made available to project proponents for the purposes of consultation and engagement.