This consultation closes on closes 18 September, less than 1 day remaining.

On 11 July 2021 the NCA received a works approval application for the construction of an aged care facility and associated works to Blocks 1151 and 864 Weston Creek.  

The proposed works are located in an ‘Open Space’ area of the Lake Burley Griffin and Foreshores Precinct Code of the National Capital Plan. “Community Facility” is a permitted use within the Lake Burley Griffin and Foreshores Precinct Code. Institutional Use is a use permitted under the definition of ‘Community Facility’.

Institutional Use is defined as “the use of land as a benevolent home, convalescent home, hospital, nursing home, aged persons home, home for persons who are physically or mentally handicapped, or a remand, penal or reformative establishment”.

On 28 January 2015, following NCA Board approval, the NCA agreed to allow a retirement village on Blocks 864 and 1151 Weston Creek, and to allow a 99 year lease for this land use.

The plans and supporting documentation for the application can be viewed below.

The NCA welcomes feedback on this application by 5.00pm (AEST) Friday 17 September 2021

Submissions can be made via email to

Please contact the NCA for further information on (02) 6271 2888.

WA Blocks 1151 and 864 Weston Creek