Kings Park Improvements – Stage 3

Kings Park
Kings Park
Project Type
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Temporary Road or Lake Closures

Project Overview 

Canberra has a distinct mission and character. The vision of the Griffin plan and the quality of the landscape and central urban spaces are attributes unique to the National Capital. 

As the Commonwealth Agency responsible for managing asset development and renewal for the special purposes of the National Capital, the NCA undertakes a rigorous schedule of projects designed to add, maintain and improve assets across the Estate, and bring to life a vision for the future of Canberra.

Undertaking work in Kings Park is an important element of this vision. 

This stage of improvements to Kings Park is focused at its eastern end, adjacent Kings Avenue and the National Carillon. It builds on previous work in Kings Park, improving users’ experience, circulation safety, and public amenity. The primary objective of Stage 3 works is to separate pedestrians from commuter cyclists while reinforcing the closure of Wendouree Drive to vehicular traffic and relocating cars to the park edges to reinvigorate recreational use. Canberra locals and visitors alike will benefit from and enjoy the new public green spaces created along the edges of Lake Burley Griffin.

History of Kings Park

To learn about the history of Kings Park, view the Kings Park Attraction page.

Project Benefits

  • Separation of pedestrian and cyclist circulation at the eastern end of the park means improved safety for both cyclists and pedestrians;
  • Relocation of car parking to the park edges, creating new green spaces and improving public amenity;
  • New and refreshed pockets of open space that contribute to revitalising this prominently positioned but under-appreciated area of Kings Park; and
  • Proposed inclusion of a new commercial opportunity for the benefit of park users.

Project Timeline

Infographic of Kings Park Project Timeline

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