The Australian War Memorial Early Works - Consultation Report

Australian War Memorial and Anzac Parade
Australian War Memorial and Anzac Parade
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Date of Publication
7 June 2021
Revised Date
7 June 2021


The National Capital Authority’s (NCA) consultation process was carried out in accordance with the National Capital Plan and ‘Commitment to Community Engagement’.

The early works application for the Australian War Memorial (AWM) has been reviewed and assessed against the National Capital Plan taking into consideration the proposed excavation works, services relocation, temporary hoardings, tree removals and the demolition of Anzac Hall.  

Following the close of public consultation on 30 April 2021, the NCA requested further information on the proposed tree removal and replacement planting from the AWM. The NCA received an Early Works Landscape Plan that indicated there are currently 595 existing trees within the AWM Precinct. A total of 455 trees are to be retained, while 140 trees are to be removed as part of the project. The NCA will require that the AWM plant a minimum of an additional 250 native trees as a condition of approval for these works. New trees will be required to be specified as advanced stock. The full landscape plan describing the species and location will form part of the Public Realm works application to be submitted to the NCA in 2022.

With this change noted, the NCA has concluded the proposal is not inconsistent with the National Capital Plan and the works have been approved.

Terry Weber

Chair, National Capital Authority

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