NCA to commence asbestos remediation at Acton Peninsula

Landscape view of Acton Peninsula
Acton Peninsula
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29 July 2022

In March 2022 asbestos was discovered in parts of Acton Peninsula. For public safety, the National Capital Authority (NCA) fenced off the contaminated area and commenced regular air monitoring. The tests have consistently returned negative for asbestos in the atmosphere, meaning it is not airborne and air quality is safe. 
The NCA will soon commence remediation works at seven localised sites along the western foreshore. Contractors will remove the layer of contaminated soil and replace it with clean material. Once the areas are certified by the experts as safe, the temporary fences will be removed. 


Black and white aerial view of Acton Peninsula showing location of asbestos remediation works and temporary walking track closure


For more information, please refer to the full media release, available in the download section below.