NCA’s Tree Management Policy set to scale new heights

Tree Management Policy
Media type
Date of Publication
6 May 2021
Revised Date
6 May 2021


TODAY the Australian Government is pleased to announce the completion of the National Capital Authority’s (NCA’s) Tree Management Policy (the Policy). Following a comprehensive public engagement campaign the Policy aims to address the current challenges and future needs of the National Triangle and Central National Area treescape.

“Canberra’s incredible treescape was designed in the early 20th century and has been enjoyed for generations since. With ageing trees, it is timely to plan for its future. Our aim is to ensure we deliver a treescape for future generations to enjoy, said Assistant Minister for Regional Development and Territories, the Hon Nola Marino.

“Trees play a major role in making Canberra so special for people who live here, and also for the millions of tourists who visit each year. We’ve been living the incredible legacy of Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahoney Griffin’s designs, the pioneering work of Charles Weston, Lindsay Pryor and the development work undertaken by the National Capital Development Commission (NCDC) and others, for over 100 years.”

“It’s a time to reflect on the past, but also infuse contemporary thinking and practices to create a blueprint to ensure the urban forest is resilient and thriving in the future, particularly in the face of a changing climate,” said Minister Marino.

There are over 18,000 trees on NCA managed land in Canberra. The NCA will immediately begin the implementation strategy for the roll out of the Policy in keeping with the three key policy targets:

  1. Tree canopy cover will increase from 33% to 40% by 2030
  2. Improve the age diversity of the treescape by ensuring at least 10% of the population are juvenile, and
  3. Improve the existing diversity of the species to ensure that no one species represents more than 10% of the population.

Progress to date on reaching these targets includes:

  • 425 trees planted across the areas managed by the NCA, including more drought tolerant and resilient species
  • Trials of new species in the Lindsay Pryor National Arboretum
  • Planning to replace the ageing poplars outside the National Library of Australia with a species that complements the heritage and structure of the building, and is not listed as a noxious weed for the ACT, and
  • A review of tree health and planning to revitalise the treescapes on Commonwealth and Kings Avenues.

These targets will be implemented by the NCA over the coming months and years. To find out more or to read the full Tree Management Policy. Go to or email to have a copy mailed out.