NCA welcomes Commonwealth Heritage Listing of Lake Burley Griffin and Adjacent Lands

Lake Burley Griffin with Captain Cook Memorial Jet in Operation as Boat User drives by.
Lake Burley Griffin with Boat User
Photographed by Dom Northcott
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Date of Publication
10 May 2022
Revised Date
10 May 2022

The National Capital Authority (NCA) welcomes the Commonwealth Heritage listing of Lake Burley Griffin and sees it as a formal recognition of the Lake’s unique and special symbolism for all Australians as the centrepiece of the National Capital.

NCA Chief Executive Sally Barnes said, “It was the NCA that nominated the Lake and Adjacent Lands for heritage listing in 2009, and so we are glad our efforts over the years have come into fruition. The listing recognises the significant historic, natural and Indigenous heritage value of Lake Burley Griffin, including Commonwealth and Kings Avenue Bridges, Scrivener Dam and Stirling Park.