Stirling Park improvements (Gura Bung Dhaura)

Project Type
Completion Date
May 2022
Temporary Road or Lake Closures

The National Capital Authority (NCA) has removed 600 pine trees from Stirling Park, on Hopetoun Circuit in Yarralumla. Following removal of the pine trees the site will be rehabilitated.

The pine trees were identified several years ago as being in decline and the NCA placed warning signs around the plantation to not walk through during times of high winds.

On the back of yet another dry and challenging summer the trees have continued to decline. Due to the safety risks they represented the NCA will be removing the pines and regenerating the area in the longer term with local species.

To prepare, fencing was erected around the plantation on 26 February 2020 and removal works commenced on 2 March. Removal works should take approximately three months and weed control activities will be undertaken after removal of the trees to prepare the land.  Starting the work at this time, the NCA feels that we will be in a good position to undertake the new planting in Autumn 2021 and our planned timing also avoids nesting periods.

The NCA have recently been in contact with local community groups to explain the need and planned methodology for the removal of the trees as well as the planned timing of the works. Please also see the attached Q&A sheet for more information.

There was a small on-site residents information session at Stirling Park on Saturday 15 February 2020 and another session on Monday 24 February 2020, to go through our work, its short-term impacts and to ensure successful outcomes for all.

On Sunday 10 May 2020, the Friends of Grasslands, Yarralumla Residents Association, Greening Australia and the NCA came together (while observing social distancing) to plant 300 native shrubs and grasses on the site of the former pine plantation at Stirling Park, Yarralumla. This stage of the project marks the start of the revegetation of the site to extend the Box Gum Woodland of adjacent Stirling Ridge.

Stirling Park Plantings
Caption for the photo (R to L): Nicki Taws (Greening Australia), Mike Lewis (Yarralumla Residents Association) and Jamie Pittock (Friends of Grasslands) on site at Stirling Park.

Stage two is scheduled for Autumn 2022, which will be more plantings of native understory varieties.

Information will be updated on this page as needed and if you have any further questions at any stage of the project, please write to

Aerial map of Stirling Park Pine Plantation