John Gorton Building East Car Park Car Park Lighting Replacement Works

Construction Start Date
24 July 2017
Completion Date
September 2017
Temporary Road or Lake Closures

The National Capital Authority (NCA) will replace the overhead lights in the car park located adjacent to the John Gorton Building, Parkes (JBG East car park). The new lights will improve visibility and safety for car park users.

This notice provides information regarding the proposed works.


The NCA is responsible for the management of a range of car parks located on National Land. As part of its role the NCA is undertaking a suite of works to upgrade safety for motorists and pedestrians.
The lights in the car park will be replaced with lighting that meets Australian Standards and is more energy efficient.

Car park operation during construction period

Construction equipment will be operated in the car park during the works. Approximately half of the car park will remain open during the construction period. Temporary traffic management arrangements will be in place during the works.

The NCA requests that car park users follow all temporary traffic measures during the construction.


Lighting works at JGB East car park is scheduled between 24 July 2017 and 30 September 2017, weather permitting.

Temporary parking arrangements

Some car parking will be temporarily displaced from the JGB East car park. There are a number of alternative car parks in the area as illustrated on the map provided with this advice.


Please circulate this advice to all those who may be affected in your facility/organisation.

Further Details

Refer to NCA’s website or contact the NCA by email at

JGB Car Park Lighting Replacement Works