In general, unless otherwise indicated, dogs in a public place must be on a lead.

Certain areas are prohibited dog exercise areas on the National Estate such as the Regatta Point and Boundless playgrounds, the Fort, the Old Parliament House Gardens, Spinnaker Island and close to BBQ areas. Off leash areas, include Lindsay Pryor National Arboretum and Dunrossil Drive.

There is currently no written policy or way to enforce the dog rules. In most cases we refer to the ACT Dog rules.

  • Dogs must be on-leash on shared pathways, including within 10 metres either side of a path. Please be mindful of passing pedestrians and cyclists and keep to the left
  • If you are ever in doubt you should keep your dog on a leash
  • When in the public realm all dogs must be under effective control at all times, regardless of whether the dog is in an off-leash area (such as a dog park). Having effective control of a dog is defined in the Domestic Animals Act 2000 (the Act) as meaning a person can prevent the dog from approaching other animals or people by either restraining the dog using a leash or by holding or confining the dog; or having the dog in sight, with the dog responding to the person’s commands. Not having effective control of your dog in a public place could leave you with a $250 fine. When in doubt, put your dog on a leash.

Dog exercise areas

Map showing off leash (green), on leash (yellow) and prohibited (red) areas for dogs

In October 2019, off-lead swimming areas were announced for dogs. Two of these areas are in Lake Burley Griffin – Orana Bay and Kurrajong Point. 

Map of Lake Burley Griffin, showing Orana Bay 

Map Kurrajong Point

Map of Lake Burley Griffin, showing Kurrajong Point 

A live map of all off leash/prohibited/on leash areas for dogs can be found here.