How to apply for a Power Boat Permit

1. Read the FAQ for boats on Lake Burley Griffin.

2. Complete the application form here.

3. Email the form, along with supporting documents to Make sure you include a photo of:

  • The boat with identifying features
  • The boat number (HIN or VIN)
  • Your safety equipment (life jackets, bailing bucket, paddle, torch, fire extinguisher and anchor/rope)
  • Your motor/s.

Important note: Should you be granted a permit to operate a vessel on Lake Burley Griffin (the Lake), you must adhere to all the conditions/restrictions that are stipulated on your National Law Certificates and/or Exemption. Your NCA permit may also be subject to additional conditions specific to the Lake.

The ACT Water Police may carry out random inspections on the water for the presence of safety equipment held on boats.