Section 33 (Lakes Ordinance 1976) – Licence Agreement – Commercial Activities on Lake Burley Griffin

Lake Burley Griffin is the centre-piece for the setting of the National Capital.

Under Section 33 of the Lakes Ordinance 1976, the Commonwealth, represented by the National Capital Authority (NCA), may enter into an agreement with persons with respect to the undertaking of commercial activities within the Lake Burley Griffin area.

A Section 33 Licence Agreement application must be submitted to the NCA if you wish to conduct any of the following activities on, or on the shore of the Lake:

  • Selling, or offering for sale, food, drink or other articles or goods
  • Letting, or offering to let, on hire bicycles, boats or other articles
  • Carrying, or offering to carry, passengers, articles or goods in or on a boat for fee or reward
  • Carrying out the business of boat repair

If you meet any of the criterion in this section you are will require a Section 33 Licence Agreement in addition to your Section 26 Boat Permit.

Section 33 (Lakes Ordinance 1976) requires NCA Delegate approval.

Should you wish to apply to enter into such an agreement, please contact the NCA on