The NCA manages Lake Burley Griffin (the Lake) and administers moorings on the Lake.

Moored boats (yachts, inboards, outboards and other vessels) add to the aesthetic values of the Lake. Enquiries can be submitted at any time, but mooring spaces are limited.

All mooring permits are administered in accordance with the Lakes Ordinance 1976, The Lake Burley Griffin Mooring Permit Guidelines and the Lake Burley Griffin Recreational Policy.

Conditions of a mooring permit on the Lake

The following conditions apply for approved moorings:

  • Mooring fixtures remain the property of the mooring permit owner and must be inspected and maintained yearly by an NCA approved service provider (at owners cost)
  • The mooring buoy remains the property of the NCA
  • Mooring permits are not transferable
  • Mooring permits are valid for a maximum of 12 months and expire 30 June each year. Invitations to re-apply will be sent out in May
  • Moored boats must be insured, kept neat and tidy and are subject to all Lake Burley Griffin boat permit requirements and conditions
  • The NCA may at any time cancel the mooring permit and instruct the owner to remove the boat and the mooring at the owners cost

How to apply for a mooring permit

To apply, download the Lake Burley Griffin Mooring Guidelines and Conditions and Application form. Complete the Conditions and Application form and send to for consideration.

If you have any questions please call (02) 6271 2888.