Canberra is a magnificent city. The vision of the Walter Burley Griffin plan and the quality of the landscape and central urban spaces are attributes unique to the National Capital. The national public places at the centre of the capital provide the setting for the Parliament and national institutions. Such places are also the setting for the ceremonial and community events that reflect our nation's history, spirit and aspirations.

The NCA's statutory functions give it the capacity to ensure national assets continue to be created and maintained, are of an appropriate standard, meet expectations of users, support appreciation and understanding of the role of the capital and our democracy as well as enrich the experience of the capital.

Varied works on National Land, managed by the NCA for the special purposes of the National Capital, can include maintenance works (to address safety and public amenity), works to enhance or maintain prior Commonwealth investment in national assets (such as refurbishment of monuments and fountains), core infrastructure and services (such as roads, parking, pathways and lighting) and development of the landscape setting for commemoration and celebration, new building sites as well as public parks and places.

The capacity to advocate and initiate works has been essential to the continued development and enhancement of the capital for all Australians. Please refer to

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