In addition to the NCA's requirements for Works Approval applications, the following information will be required for any lighting proposals:

  • A written statement or report describing how the proposed works address the requirements of the NCA Outdoor Lighting Policy and all other applicable legislation, standards or requirements.
  • A comprehensive lighting plan clearly showing the type and location of all proposed light fittings, including any existing lighting to be retained or removed.
  • Detailed plans describing the proposed construction or installation method for all poles, fittings and associated works and their impact on existing trees, paving or services.
  • Section and elevation drawing(s) to indicate the scale of the proposed lighting hardware in context and the direction and control of lighting distribution.
  • Detailed information on light distribution for each type of light that is being proposed.

In addition to the above, the NCA may request detailed photometric data where it considers that the impact of artificial light is likely to have a significant impact on National Capital values.