Purpose of Report

'Blundells Farmhouse, Slab Outbuilding and Surrounds' is listed on the Commonwealth Heritage List and managed by the National Capital Authority. The site is also known as Blundells Cottage.

Under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act), all Commonwealth agencies are required to prepare management plans for Commonwealth Heritage Listed places under their management. The purpose of this management plan is to identify, protect and manage the heritage values of Blundells Cottage and its surrounds. This management plan was prepared in accordance with the heritage management principles and requirements under the EPBC Act.

This management plan has been considered by the Department of the Environment.

Key Findings

This management plan confirms that Blundells Cottage has significant heritage values and attributes, relating to its early colonial tenant farming history as part of the Duntroon estate, the early Federal Capital phase and its role as a house museum since the 1960s. It remains a landmark site on shores of Lake Burley Griffin, and the only remaining pre-National Capital building within the National Triangle.


The management plan includes a range of conservation policies and recommendations to conserve, interpret and manage Blundells Cottage. The key recommendations include:

  • Defining and managing a distinct heritage curtilage for the cottage and slab shed, and the location and options for reinstating and/or interpreting former association outbuildings, plantings and fencing through the development of a Landscape Masterplan. This will also support museum interpretation, visitor infrastructure and operational needs;
  • Developing and implementing an Interpretation Strategy and Implementation Plan.
  • Developing a Collections Significance Assessment and Collections Management Policy, and a new approach to collection use; and
  • Committing resources to a program of conservation maintenance works, especially in relation to resolving water egress problems to the cottage

For further information, please contact the NCA Cultural Heritage Manager on heritage@nca.gov.au or 02 6271 2888