The National Capital Plan defines areas that have the special characteristics of the National Capital to be 'Designated Areas'. In these areas approval of works is the responsibility of the National Capital Authority (NCA).

There are some areas outside of the 'Designated Areas' that are important to character of the National Capital but not to the extent of Designated Areas. These areas are subject to Special Requirements under the National Capital Plan. These are additional to the requirements of the Territory Plan.

The National Capital Plan sets out Special Requirements for development of these areas in the interests of the National Capital. Special Requirements are given effect either by Principles and Policies in the National Capital Plan or separate Development Control Plans which are approved by the NCA to guide development in association with the requirements of Territory Plan.

The areas subject to Special Requirements found as Principles and Policies in the National Capital Plan include:

  • City Centre
  • Kingston Foreshore
  • Northbourne Avenue (South of Antill Street)

The areas subject to Special Requirements found in separate Development Control Plans (DCPs) include:

  • Haig and Telopea Parks
  • land fronting the Main Avenues and Approach Routes to the National Capital such as:
    • Adelaide Avenue
    • Barton Highway
    • Brisbane Avenue
    • Canberra Avenue
    • Northbourne Avenue (north of Antill Street)
    • Federal Highway
    • Monaro Highway
    • Pialligo Avenue (not including Canberra Airport)
  • National Land sites outside of the Designated Areas, such as:
    • Tidbinbilla Deep Space Complex
    • AFP Majura Complex
    • Benjamin and Cameron Offices in Belconnen
    • Tuggeranong Office Park
    • Former CSIRO HQ in Campbell
    • CSIRO Ginninderra

A map showing the areas subject to Special Requirements of the National Capital Plan


Who Approves Development Proposals in areas subject to Special Requirements?

In most cases Special Requirements will apply to Territory Land (managed by the ACT Government), as such development proposals are subject to approval by the ACT Government's planning and land authority. Such proposals must conform to the provisions of the Territory Plan as well as the Development Control Plan approved by the NCA.

Where special requirements cover National Land (managed by the Commonwealth), development proposals are submitted to the NCA for endorsement.

A list of approved Development Control Plans (DCPs) can be found here.