About planning policy review at the NCA

The NCA has an obligation under the Australian Capital Territory (Planning and Land Management) Act 1988 (the Act) to keep the Plan under constant review and to propose amendments to it when necessary. As part of this continual review process the NCA recognises that planning polices need to reflect wider Australian Government policy (for example, national policy on the planning and urban design of our cities). The NCA reviews planning polices to ensure the National interest in the ACT and development assessment requirements are clearly, accurately and appropriately expressed through various planning instruments and documents, such as:

  • The National Capital Plan, including its administration, the detailed planning policies and development requirements therein
  • Development Control Plans for area subject to Special Requirements 
  • Guidelines for Development
  • Structure plans for key locations in the Designated Areas

Current policy review projects

There are currently no policy review projects.

Past Policy review projects

Kings and Commonwealth Avenue Design Strategy

National Capital Open Space System (NCOSS) Review