The Process

1. Development Intention Expressed

  • Confirm site is in an area subject to special requirements
  • NCA notified and consulted

2. Development Control Plan Drafted

  • Responding to relevant provisions of National Capital Plan
  • Reflecting relevant provisions of Territory Plan
  • Setting out requirements in the interests of the National Capital

3. Consultation Undertaken

  • Consultation is undertaken in accordance with the NCA's Consultation Protocol for 30 business days.

4. Comments Reviewed

  • Comments taken into account and Draft DCP revised if necessary

5. Decision

  • Decision is made on DCP by the Authority
  • Proponent and the Territory Planning Authority are advised of decision
  • Other interested parties and submitters are advised of decision.

Preparation of Development Control Plans

A Development Control Plan may be drafted by the NCA, or by a suitably qualified consultant to the owner of a particular development site. The controls reflect the relevant provisions of both the National Capital Plan and Territory Plan, and set out requirements considered by the Authority to be in the interests of the National Capital.

When the NCA is satisfied with a draft Development Control Plan it is released for public comment in accordance with the NCA's 'Commitment to Community Consultation'.

The proponent and the Territory planning authority are advised when the NCA approves a Development Control Plan.