Approval Date
10 March 2017
On 2 March 2017, the Minister for Loca l Government and Territories, the Hon. Fiona Nash MP, approved National Capital Plan Amendment 87. The Amendment 87 took effect on 10 March 2017. Further information is available by emailing

National Capital Plan Amendment 87 - Relocation of indicative sites for landmark buildings (Knowles Place)

The National Capital Plan is amended by the following:

Section 4.6 City Hill Precinct Code

a. Under the section titled ‘Building height’, delete the second paragraph and replace with:

Landmark buildings up to RL617 (generally 14 to 18 storeys) will be restricted to the locations identified in Figure 40, generally being the corners of the main avenues intersecting with London Circuit.

b. Delete Figure 40 and replace with:

 Figure 40 of the National Capital Plan as amended by Amendment 87