Dunrossil Drive Pine Tree Replacement

Yarralumla, ACT
Project Type
Construction Start Date
April 2013
Completion Date
Temporary Road or Lake Closures

The NCA is undertaking a program to replace the Pine trees along Dunrossil Drive. Many of the trees are dead or dying, resulting in weakened or falling trees and branches.

The trees will be removed in two stages. The first stage was undertaken in April 2013 with the second stage scheduled for 2015/16. Tree replanting is to commence 12-18 months after each removal stage.

The Pine Tree Replacement Program has been developed in consultation with the adjacent land holders – Government House, Royal Canberra Golf Club and the ACT Government (Territory and Municipal Services and Land Development Agency).

Replanting for the future

The replanting of Dunrossil Drive will retain the existing central avenue of Elm trees, surrounded by a second avenue of mixed trees (Pine and Oak), with an evergreen tree backdrop. The backdrop will be formed by creating an outer avenue using an evergreen species of Oak and then replanting the Pine plantation on the outside of the avenue.

The avenue of evergreen Oak trees will create greater consistency along the Dunrossil Drive, while increasing the separation between the Pine trees and the road. This increase in distance between the road and Pine trees is intended to reduce the risk associated with Pine tree failure.

Planning for tree replacement

Planning for the tree replacement commenced in 2009 when the NCA prepared a referral under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 for the removal of trees on National Land. In 2010, the NCA undertook a community consultation session to discuss the trees on Dunrossil Drive and surrounding lands and the development of a draft replacement strategy. A Heritage Impact Statement found that the tree removal and replacement program was to have slight or no impact on the areas affected and was consistent or broadly consistent with the relevant heritage management plans.

In 2011, the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Populations and Communities (DEWSPaC) approved the referral for tree removal on National Land and requested that a tree replacement strategy for Dunrossil Drive be completed. A tree replacement strategy was prepared in consultation with adjacent land holders and subsequently approved by DSEWPaC in 2012.

DunRossil Drive Redevelopment - Artist's Impression