John Gorton Building Car Park Upgrade & Associated Works

Parliamentary Zone, Parkes, ACT
Project Type
Design and Construction
Completion Date
May 2017
Temporary Road or Lake Closures

PLEASE NOTE: Additional works have been incorporated into this project since April 2016 (see JGB Basement Waterproof Membrane Replacement and Associated Works section below).

In May 2015, the NCA advised the public that it would upgrade the John Gorton Building southern car park, located in the Parliamentary Zone, Parkes, ACT. The project has been designed to enhance safety and amenity for all car park user groups. This notice serves as an update of the project's progress and provides further details regarding the proposed works.


The NCA is responsible for the management of a range of car parks located on National Land throughout Canberra’s Central National Area.

As part of the introduction of pay parking on National Land, the NCA is undertaking a suite of works to upgrade motorist and pedestrian safety to parking areas. Works are being scheduled based on prioritisation assessment.

John Gorton Building Car Park Upgrade: November 2015 – May 2017

The John Gorton Building Car Park Upgrade (the Upgrade) primarily affects the car park area, roadways and verge areas located between the south of the John Gorton Building and King George Terrace. Parking in Dorothy Tangney Place, Parkes Place East and the car park located between the John Gorton Building and Kings Avenue have also been affected by the Upgrade.

Key works for the Upgrade include:

  • improved access and lighting for car parking in accordance with Australian standards;
  • improved motorcycle, bicycle and accessible parking arrangements;
  • improved egress to and from the car park including replacement footpaths and new raised crossings;
  • on and off street lighting and drainage improvements;
  • replacement car park surfaces and line markings; and
  • complementary soft landscaping including replacement trees.

To maintain public safety during construction, temporary fencing will be placed around the car park and parts of Dorothy Tangney Place.

Vehicle access to the basement from the southern side of the John Gorton Building has been temporarily restricted to enable the adjoining roadway and associated subgrade works to be reconstructed. Staging and temporary parking arrangements in adjoining streets and car parks are helping to minimise inconvenience to building users during the Upgrade.

JGB Basement Waterproof Membrane Replacement and Associated Works

As part of undertaking the Upgrade, the NCA has been asked by the Department of Finance, manager of the John Gorton Building, to incorporate some additional works. The proposed additional works primarily include waterproof membrane replacement works to part of the JGB Basement. The new works are located largely within the NCA’s car park upgrade work site but extend northwards into the southern forecourt located adjacent the Department of Environment’s main entry.

The JGB Basement membrane replacement and associated works are planned to be undertaken concurrent with the NCA’s current scope of car park works to help minimise future inconvenience to building users. However, the additional works in conjunction with the NCA’s car park works, have required a full closure of the Service Road immediately south of the JGB.

The proposed major reduction in access via the Service Road to the JGB has resulted in the following key temporary arrangements becoming active:

  • main entry for the Department of Environment relocated to front Dorothy Tangney Place
  • alternate parking arrangements in Dorothy Tangney Place, Parkes Place East and adjacent car parks
  • changed fire egress arrangements from the JGB southern facade
  • restricted cycling access to the JGB basement
  • no vehicular or pedestrian access to the JGB basement (via car park ramps) or loading dock.
  • alternate waste removal arrangements.

The above temporary arrangements have been summarised on the map below:

Due to additional work requirements, the NCA’s original car park replacement works program is anticipated to now be completed by May 2017.

Main John Gorton Building Car Park Reopening

From 11 April 2016, the main new JGB car park area was reopened. This has helped address much of the current car parking displacement being experienced as a result of the Upgrade. Some minor works including soft landscaping and tree planting have continued in and around the main JGB car park. All car park users are encouraged to proceed with care if using the area and observe all Temporary Traffic Management and pedestrian redirection signage.

The JGB main car park is a pay parking area and all parking restrictions, including permit parking areas, temporary or otherwise will be signposted and must be observed.

John Gorton Building Carpark Upgrade artist's aerial view

John Gorton Building Carpark Upgrade artist's aerial view

John Gorton Building Carpark Upgrade general arrangement plan without trees

John Gorton Building Carpark Upgrade - General arrangement plan without trees

John Gorton Building Carpark Upgrade general arrangement plan showing all trees

John Gorton Building Carpark Upgrade - General arrangement plan showing all trees

Tree Replacement

The first stage of the Upgrade included the removal of 55 mature trees from within the car park. Many of these trees were in poor condition or had been adversely impacted by previous car park configurations.

The upgraded car park will include the replacement of 36 new trees. Replacement tree species include plane, oak and pear trees, carefully selected for their appropriateness to the existing Parliamentary Zone landscape structure. The replacement trees are being planted in improved soil conditions to promote healthy growth and be located in areas which offer better shade over time. The replacement oak trees to the north of the site are being grown from seed stock taken from the John Gorton Building car park.

Temporary parking arrangements

Please refer to the Media Centre or updates on closures pertaining to the Upgrade and waterproof membrane replacement and associated works.

Car parking will still be temporarily displaced and rearranged around the John Gorton Building during the works. Local alternate parking is available in the car park located between Dorothy Tangney Place and Kings Avenue (please refer to the Tempoary Carpark Arrangements map below). Motorists are encouraged to use alternate parking areas but may choose to park elsewhere.

Current accessible and permit parking spaces made unavailable during the Upgrade will be temporarily relocated. Some of these spaces will be provided in Parkes Place East, some in Dorothy Tangney Place and the remainder will be provided in the car park located between Dorothy Tangney Place and Kings Avenue.

Although overflow parking is not anticipated during the Upgrade, there are other neighbouring parking areas in the Parliamentary Zone and Barton, which are within short walking distance should additional parking in the area be required.

The NCA will continuously monitor parking in the area throughout the Upgrade and make further operational adjustments to minimise inconvenience, if necessary.

Further Details

Cleah Consulting has been engaged by the NCA to project manage the Upgrade. Should you have any queries or comments regarding the proposed works please feel free to contact the following:

Mr Christian Leah, Tel: 0417 409 291, Email: